Shorewood Math Adventure, 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023. Arrive at 5:30pm., at Shorewood Elementary (cafeteria)

This event is closed

Welcome to the Registration Website!

This is where you can:
  1. Register a new team – all team members are known
  2. Register part of a new team (one or more students who already know they’re part of a team)
  3. Adding someone to an existing team (be sure to know the team name!)
  4. Register someone who is looking for a team (a “free agent”)

Instructions for Adding Team Information

  1. Registering a Whole New Team: Be sure to use a fun, creative team name so that there are no duplicates! Have all of your kids’ and parents’ names and email addresses ready.
  2. Registering Part of a New Team: Be sure to use a fun, creative team name so that there are no duplicates! If you don't know all of your team members now, that’s okay – start the process now, then share the registration confirmation link (at the end of the process) with future members, so they may edit this team.
  3. Adding Someone to an Existing Team: You should have been given a link for registration. If not, add in the name of the team that you’re registering on.
  4. Registering a Free Agent: If you’re searching for a team and you’d like to be matched up, check the box below that says “This student is a "free agent", looking for a team” – don’t worry about adding a team name.

Parent Volunteer Requirements

Each team must provide at least two volunteers – one who is the chaperone (“coach”) who stays with the team the entire event, and one who is an actor who staffs the event.

  • Coach: You chaperone your team during the event. You sit with the team as they solve puzzles, and then accompany them to the stations. You don’t need to know the math.
  • Actor: You staff the event stations. You help move the stories along for the teams, so that each team sees the “reward” for their hard work on the math puzzles.
The event cannot happen without our parent volunteers! Extra parents are always welcome; younger teams greatly benefit from additional coaches, and the event runs much more smoothly if we have extra actors to staff the stories.

Student Information

Add one student name per line. Note that all students on a team will participate at the same math grade level.
A full team has 4 students. Teams of 5 or 3 can also play, but will still get the materials of a 4 - person team.
Teams with fewer than 4 may be combined with free agents or other small teams.